Monthly Newsletter

Skint Chestnut The Society produces a monthly newsletter, The Skint Chestnut Logs (a play on the original name for the county seat).  The newsletter contains articles contributed by members, and occasionally, others, providing information on society activities, vignettes from local history and family historical highlights, as well as research tips and tricks.  The newsletter is provided to all society members in good standing.  These are normally provided by by email (in pdf format) while a printed copy is sent by conventional postal mail to those members without a valid email address.  A few printed copies of the latest edition are usually available at the meetings, for anyone that may have missed their copy for some reason, or wish to a copy to a friend or family member.  Click the paragraph title above to view a sample copy.

Special Collections Room

Books The Society owns a large number of reference works, which are stored and maintained in the Special Collections room of the Douglas County Library, on Selman Drive in Douglasville.  These works may be viewed at the library, but may NOT be checked out or removed from the library.  This is normal library practice for reference works.  Click the paragraph title above to view a Reference Books List.

The Society, along with our long time former president, Irene Jackson, has donated nearly 200 volumes of genealogical research material to the Douglas County Library for the Special Collections Room.  Our gifts help broaden the scope of research conducted by both residents and visitors.  The Library has a number of computers with free internet access to and HeritageQuest.  Additionally, there is a free wi-fi connection for your laptop, tablet or other device.  Inquire about access at the desk.

Old Time Occupations

This link will bring up a list (hopefully in alphabetical order) of many of those old time occupations you sometimes encounter (such as Farrier, or Draper) and explains what it is.  Remember, your concept of a clerk is definitely NOT the same as your great-grandfathers concept of a clerk (for example).  Click the paragraph title above to view the list of a Old Time Occupations.

Relationship Chart

This link will bring up a chart that makes it simple to figure out just how you are related to that family member.  Is he your Second Cousin Once Removed or is he your Third Cousin?  Click the paragraph title above to view the Relationship Chart.

Marriage Records

The Society Members have extracted an index from the early Douglas County Wedding Records.  These are divided into Groom and Bride indexes.  They are organized into books and sorted alphabetically by the last name of the bride or groom, as the case may be.

BRIDE Book A Book B Book C Book D
GROOM Book A Book B Book C Book D

Will Indexes

The Society Members have also extracted indexes from the early Douglas County Will Books.  They are organized into books and sorted alphabetically by last name of the deceased.

WILLS Book A Book B Book C Book D Book E


The Society is slowly gathering digital maps that may be of interest to researchers. From time to time new maps will be added here.  They are organized by city, county, state, regional and national.  NOTE: Each map will open in a new window or tab, depending on your browser settings.

Galileo - A University of Georgia project, is an excellent source for historical maps.  Many of our previous map links were to them.  Unfortunately, they seem to reorganize their web site frequently, so we are now providing only a single link to their maps (easier to keep it accurate and up to date that way).  Feel free to explore.

We will continue to slowly migrate any relevant images to our web site, as they become available and links will be added here.

Map of Douglas Counry Cemeteries - Cheerfully created and provided by Kimberleigh Marchant, GIS Analyst with the Douglas County GIS Department, completely gratis.  Thank you, Kimberleigh!  Note: Map is very detailed and may take a few moments to fully render and display (at least it does on my steam powered laptop).  As it is in pdf format, it is also downloadable.  Warning - it is a 1.5 megabyte file!  Right click on the link and select "Save Link As..." (in Firefox) or whatever the equivalent may be in your browser of choice.

The tables below contain links to those maps we have migrated to our web site for safe keeping.  Safekeeping meaning: No one will move them around and break the links without our knowledge.  We will continue to slowly migrate any relevant images to our web site, as they become available and links will be added here.  Please be aware, this is only possible with items known to be in the Public Domain.

City of Savannah - 1735

1967 - Militia Disticts
Eastern Campbell County Land Lots
Western Campbell County Land Lots

Georgia - 1796
Georgia - 1822
Cherokee Nation - 1830
Georgia - 1834
Georgia - 1846
Georgia - 1855
Georgia - 1864
Georgia - 1874
Georgia Counties (current)

Georgia/Alabama - 1863

North America - 1772
United States - 1827
United States - 1846
United States - 1855
United States - 1869
United States - 1872