Welcome to the Douglas County Genealogical Society Web site.  We are a Federally chartered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and registered as such with the State of Georgia.  So, please, carry on and do enjoy your visit with us.

Our goal, here on our web site, is to provide you with information about our society and its activities.  We also would like to encourage you to join our society, and especially so, if your family tree has connections to Douglas County or its predecessor, Campbell County.

We hope to encourage you to get involved with your own genealogy.  It would really be best to get started while you are still young and energetic, but before all the people who actually know (the elders of your family) are gone forever.

Baby and Laptop
Well, maybe not that young!

We have seen far too many take an interest in genealogy later in life and then lament - "Oh, if only I had asked aunt/uncle/grandma/grandpa so-and-so about this before they passed away!  They would know!"  And thus begins the long trek through courthouses and libraries.

At this site, you will learn about our history, projects, accomplishments, people and schedule (below).  Feel free to browse around and explore our web site.  We believe that you will find some interesting (perhaps even fascinating) and fun to browse material.  We have a few OnLine Resources to help you with your Douglas County research, with more coming in the future.  We also have the society's landmark accomplishment, the Heritage Book of Douglas County, for sale.

If you have comments or questions about any of our products or services, or simply need more information, you may contact us by sending an e-mail to the Society President, anytime, and you will be placed in contact with the Society member most qualified to assist you.  If you have comments or questions about the web site, in particular, please email the Web Master.

We have attempted to ensure that, mostly, any short term interest stuff (any pages without the normal menu seen at left) open in a new tab or window so you can just close it when you are finished.

Come back often.  The site is always changing, as you can see from the Page Last Updated notification at the bottom of each page.  Thank you for visiting and we look forward to assisting you in your quest.

And now for the interesting stuff.  Continue on down the page for coming events of interest followed by all the latest news on society happenings.

Coming Events

It's January!

A brand new year is here!

Let us hope your past year was both safe and enjoyable.  Let us also look forward to a glorious new year!  We wish you all the very best and that the coming year will be even more wonderful than the past year.

Don't forget - dues for the coming year are due in January.  Bring your checkbook to the January meeting!  Note that, after the January meeting, you will be removed from the Members page of the website until you pay your dues.

No further noteworthy events.

Next Meeting:

Thursday - January 24, 2019 - 6:00 p.m.

Heritage Baptist Church
8800 Rose Avenue,
Douglasville, Georgia

Dues are payable in January.

Don't forget to bring your checkbook!  Or some cash!   I don't think Gwen is ready to accept PayPal, credit cards or debit cards just yet.  We'll let you know when she can.

But please pay your dues for the coming year, anyway you can!

Last Program:

The last program (December) was our Annual Christmas Dinner.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship and food.  A great time was had by all.

Next Program:

The next program (January) is unknown at present.

Regular Meeting Schedule:

The Douglas County Genealogical Society meets on the 4th Thursday of each month, except for the November and December meetings, which are held on the 3rd Thursday of the the month, to avoid interfering with holidays and family get-to-gathers.

Additionally, the December meeting is our annual Christmas Dinner, and may be held just about anywhere in Douglas County.  Usually we meet at a local restaurant, but sometimes a potluck dinner at either a members home, a local business's conference room or a local churches fellowship hall.  The location will be announced by at least the November meeting (usually before), and the pertinent information, complete with directions and maps, will also be posted somewhere here (usually right at the top of this, the front page of our web-site) under the Coming Events banner...

The regular meetings begin at 6:00 pm and are held in the Fellowship Hall (downstairs) of the Heritage Baptist Church, located at 8800 Rose Avenue, Douglasville, Georgia.  The parking lot entrance is on Selman Drive, just a few yards down from the traffic light at Rose Avenue and Selman Drive.

At the request of our host, we must tidy up and clear the room by 7:45 pm.

General Announcements:

As you may (or may not) know, we have created a private Facebook group for the members of the society.  This private group is only available to paid members of the society.  I urge all of you to sign up for Facebook (it's free) and then email the President for an invite to join the group.

Once you are in the group, you will have access to electronic copies (PDFs) all the Society Newsletters.  Currently the newsletters from May 1998 (the Premier Edition) through February 2008 are complete (except for the September 2001 and November 2006 issues, which may never have existed).  The entire year of 2009 is missing (can't imagine why no one has a copy of any of these - I know they were produced), but January 2010 through present is complete (except for August 2012 - which, again, may have never existed), with each new issue being added as I receive it (and can remember to post them).

The Society Constitution and By-Laws are also posted there.  Eventually, other documents deemed to be of some importance to the Society may be posted.

Please note: We are currently missing the following newsletters.

September, 2001 - A "mythical" issue, perhaps?
November, 2001 - We have a copy, but it is problematical.  The scanned image appears to be missing several pages, has no structure or decoration, and almost appears to be a "rough draft."  However, that may be the way it was distributed.  I have no recollection.
November, 2006 - Another "mythical" issue?
March - December, 2008 (most of the year)
2009 - All issues for the entire year
August, 2012 - Yet another "mythical" issue?

Those "mythical" issues are either lost in the mists of time or were never produced - I have no idea which.

If anyone has a copy of any of these (digital or paper is fine) please contact the Web Master.

I would also like to hear from the members about their favorite genealogy web sites, so they can be shared with the visitors to our web site.

Additionally, if at any time you enounter a broken link on our Links page, please contact the Web Master.  I promise to either fix or remove the link, whichever seems most appropriate, as soon as possible.

We still have a few members that have not provided the surnames they are researching, for the web site.  Check on the Current Members page to see if we have your names.  If not, just drop an email to the Web Master, listing the names.

While you are there, please check to see if I need your photo.  You can just email me a photo, if you prefer, but hopefully one that will allow other members to recognize you - not a high school class, yearbook, or prom photo (unless, of course, you just recently graduated!).

Also, if anyone (you know who you are) has any photos (either digital or print) concerning any society events which are NOT currently documented on the Events page, please contact the Web Master, with a short description.

I am looking for any advice you might offer about the web site.  Such as, what you would like to see on it or what you would like to NOT see on it.  No guarantees, but any and all suggestions will be considered.

Some occasional feedback would be nice, too.  Good or bad, doesn't matter - as long as I know someone is looking at the thing.  Over the last few years, I have gotten more feedback on the web site from the non-member drive-by visitors than I have from actual Society members.

I am especially interested in any errors or deficiencies you may discover on the web site.  And I'm sure there are some - I'm only human, after all.  But I do like to do any job as well as possible, and any assistance is appreciated.

What's up with the Cemetery Commission?

"Show me your cemeteries, and I will tell you what kind of people you have."

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

The Douglas County Cemetery Preservation Commission is a county sponsored (and funded) commission dedicated to the preservation of Douglas County cemeteries.  The Commission meets quarterly, on the first Friday afternoon of March, June, September and December.  Members of the Commission spend their Thursdays (weather permitting) cleaning and repairing one (or more) of the cemeteries in Douglas County.  The Commission members really only act in a supervisory capacity.  The actual physical labor is performed by a group of inmates from the Douglas County jail, under the direct control of a Deputy Sheriff.

The Chairperson of the Commission is our own beloved Sandy Whittington, who provides these updates on Commission activity.  You all know how important cemetery markers are to genealogical research, which is why these updates appear here.

Cemetery News

Update provided by Sandy as of 08/03/2018

I don't know what the actual total amounts are, but we have had a prodigious amount of rain in recent months, and it has played havoc with cemetery cleaning.

Despite 4 county holidays and many rainy days, we have cleaned 16 cemeteries since the beginning of the year, some of them requiring 2 or 3 workdays each.  In addition, Douglas County Rotary had Bowden, Ergle-Hix, and Liberty Grove professionally fenced under the watchful eyes of cemetery commission members.  They look great!

Obviously we got rained out today, but hopefully next Thursday will be better when our hardworking inmate crew tackles 3 cemeteries west of town: Polk, Mann Road, and Ergle-Hix.  If anyone wants to tag along, just contact me for directions.

For those of you who haven't seen what D/2 can do, check out the photos (below) of the SAME marker -- one year and one D/2 treatment apart.  You'll see why it's a miracle elixir.  This marker is in the Winn-Watson cemetery.

We could still use a few more volunteers.  Supervisory only, the Sheriff sends a deputy with an inmate crew to do the actual manual labor.  Y'all come -- it's fun.

Also, we need you to contact us if you know of a Douglas County cemetery in need of attention.  There may be some we are not aware of, so please help us out!  Thank you!

Contact the Commission:
Voice: (770) 920-7593
Fax:    (770) 920-7445

Contact the Chairperson:
Email: Sandy Whittington
Home:  (770) 949-8053
Mobile: (404) 625-3108

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